Marriage Seminars

Our marriage seminars teach what we've found to be the four keys to a successful marriage. We support these ideas with scripture to keep our ministry biblically based.

1. Life’s Priorities God first, THEN spouse
2. Communication the key to success and how to handle conflict
3. Intimacy or Sex which comes first?
4. Love according to the Bible.

If allotted more time, we offer a compelling look at the marriage of Adam and Eve and the effects their actions have on marriages today. We also include a section on the real truth about divorce.

Our seminars can be designed around your schedule. A few consecutive evenings or an all-day Saturday or Sunday event work well. The length can be adjusted according to your needs. We supply workbooks with our seminar for each couple.

Resurrection Power Marriage Seminars are held free of charge. A love offering would be gratefully accepted.

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